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Why Buy with us:


The Bowers group is committed to working tirelessly for its clients to find them the right home. We go above and beyond using our relationships, marketing campaigns, and many other proven systems to get you the home you are looking for many times even finding it off market or before the general public has access to it. We have years of experience and believe in being masters in negotiation to not only get you the home you are looking for but also for the best price and terms. We give you 100% of our effort and want you to "Experience the Difference" when working with the Bowers Group!


Why Sell with Us:


The Bowers Group is cutting edge with its marketing believing in selling more by doing more for each client! Every property is unique and special in its own way and that is why we craft a special custom marketing plan for each home.  The analogy we use, is just like an auction home wants to fill up the room with as many potential and able bidders as they can to achieve the greatest results, are goal is similar as we use a tailored plan to highlight your home in its best light to bring as many willing and able buyers as possible. We believe you'll find we have one of the most comprehensive marketing strategies in the industry and would love the opportunity to share more of what we can do for you and your home!