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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Mr. Ward sold our house in less than 24 hours for a full price offer in less than desirable market conditions. An outsider might consider this good old fashion luck, but I can assure you that our sale was a result of the expert marketing abilities of Mr. Ward. He would not allow us to be misinformed on what it actually takes to sell a house quickly. Referrals are important and can only be obtained by quality service and reliable performance and Chip has certainly shown me these characteristics. 

This was, by a wide margin, the best house selling experience we have ever had. Your advice was sound.  Your staff was competent and your firm was responsive. We were always kept informed. My appreciation to you and your great staff.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous job you did to help us find a home. The time and effort you provided went above and beyond the call of duty.

I have always known Mr. Magliaro to be a man of integrity and a person who is genuinely concerned about others. I also feel and believe that Mr. Magliaro is a non-judgmental individual who is very accepting of others. He has excellent interpersonal and communication skills and is a very dedicated person. I believe that all of the aforementioned qualities and skills will serve him well in his career in real estate.

I have known Brian Magliaro for several years, and in that time have come to know him very well. I have found him to be a principled individual and a man of integrity. He is also bright, reliable, and energetic. I believe he will be successful in his capacity as a real estate agent and will represent his clients well.

I was impressed with the skill in negotiation that you showed throughout the transaction and the ability to obtain one of the highest prices to ever sell in my neighborhood.


I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary service and the expertise you provided during the sale of my home. Few agents would have taken on the complexity of this sale but you did and you did it with such professionalism and perseverance. You were amazing! 

Your complete honesty, courtesy, helping us quickly with our questions, relieving any fears we had and assisting us in taking the stress out of the process from start to finish was outstanding.


Your follow-through and responsiveness to my needs matched all of the expectations I expect from a person in your business. I am truly glad I chose you as the listing agent to sell the house.


Mr. Bowers excelled in very aspect of the sale. From the start, he advised as about making some changes to the house to improve the presentation, he advised us about the right price; when an offer came, he negotiated on our behalf to get the maximum amount without scaring the buyer away. always  very professional and realistic about expectations. He is a great person to work with

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