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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Craig is someone we were looking for long time. We had been through so many agents, but no one was like Craig. The first thing we noticed about Craig was, he is extremely punctual. He was always there at site 15 min before us and always welcomed us anywhere we met. He never got tired of answering all our questions. Instead, he went above and beyond to make sure that we understood properly. Not only that, he is still maintaining a good relationship with our family with additional home stuff. All in all, it would not be possible to get our dream house without Craig. His creative idea made is all possible. Thank you, Craig!

Craig is an extremely knowledgeable and a very helpful person. He made our first time home buying process very smooth. He maintains excellent communication. We are grateful to have an an agent like Craig. Highly recommend him.

Craig is a fantastic real estate professional. He went above and beyond to make himself available during our home search. As first time home buyers, we had no clue what to expect— but Craig made sure there were no surprises and always answered our questions immediately. He took any concerns of ours to the seller and made sure our requests were taken care of. We can’t thank him enough for making the entire process as smooth as possible. Highly recommend.

Purchasing a home consists of lifetime altering decisions made in what feels like a blink of an eye. Simultaneously you are confronted with questions such as: What is the condition? Where are the pedestrian connections to transit, parks, and community? Why is this right for me? How do I make this happen? – and finally – With Whom is my Team to Answer these questions? We were very fortunate that the answer to the ‘whom is our team’ started with Craig. We were put in contact with Craig via Zillow and he very quickly gained our trust. Craig was calm and patient with us yet knew when the moment was required to make a decision and guided us there with in a pensive and polite manner. He was there at the ready to assist and coupled with the support of Rocky Bowers and the Bowers Group gave us an incredibly strong position and ultimately got us a great deal. The fact is simple; had we not been under the supervision of Craig, we would not be in this home now.

Craig is great to work with, is knowledgeable and helpful. I've had a very pleasant experience with him as our agent. We looked at only one house but were able to purchase the home as soon as we saw the home with him. He was honest in noting the faults in the house with us. Many thanks.

Craig was great to work with. He was extremely responsive to all questions and very flexible on schedule. He had a great attitude and never applied pressure throughout. He gave honest feedback on all properties that we visited as well. Highly recommended!

Craig was extremely professional, responsive, and easy to work with. He has a great attitude and worked well with our family. We've known Craig for a long time, and it was nice to work with someone who we could trust. We appreciate his help in securing the perfect home for our parents. He provided information quickly and was on top of it- would highly recommend him to help in purchasing a home!

Mr. Ward sold our house in less than 24 hours for a full price offer in less than desirable market conditions. An outsider might consider this good old fashion luck, but I can assure you that our sale was a result of the expert marketing abilities of Mr. Ward. He would not allow us to be misinformed on what it actually takes to sell a house quickly. Referrals are important and can only be obtained by quality service and reliable performance and Chip has certainly shown me these characteristics. 

This was, by a wide margin, the best house selling experience we have ever had. Your advice was sound.  Your staff was competent and your firm was responsive. We were always kept informed. My appreciation to you and your great staff.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous job you did to help us find a home. The time and effort you provided went above and beyond the call of duty.

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